Learning Curriculum: Technical

Technical is the demonstration of specific professional skills, knowledge or qualifications.

Roles within the Analysis Function (AF) tend to be of a technical nature and this is the most extensive section of the AF Learning Curriculum.

On this page you’ll find opportunities to help you gain the specific technical skills, knowledge or qualifications to continue to advance your career.

The technical learning below aligns to the 70:20:10 learning model and covers a wide range of subjects including improving your Microsoft Office skills, learning new programming languages, calculating sample design estimation and much more.

Most of the learning in the AF Learning Curriculum is free but any learning that does have a cost associated is indicated by a £ sign.

Get started with a new technical subject or take your learning further by exploring this range of topics.

Data analysis


Taking it further

Data management


Taking it further

Data science

Data visualisation




Modelling tools and techniques


New systems and ways of working


Taking it further

Operational research

Please note that the following Government Operational Research Service (GORS) courses in this section are only available to GORS members with the relevant log on details:

Operational research foundation level courses delivered by the Operational Research Society are available for all and can be found on the society’s website. They include:

  • Operational research and the OR Process
  • Optimisation and meta-heuristics
  • Problem structuring methods
  • Normal distribution, sampling and regression
  • Operational research and strategy
  • Data envelopment analysis
  • Statistical methods in operational research: multivariate models
  • Systems dynamics
  • Statistical methods in operational research: forecasting
  • Simulation
  • Delivering operational research for practitioners or essential operational research skills for practitioners

Quality assurance, validation and data linkage


Taking it further

Software programming, tools and techniques

Survey design

Senior Civil Service (SCS) learning

A series of learning suggestions designed to enhance your skills within the SCS, this selection is available for existing Senior Civil Servants only.

Analytical Learning Pathways

The Government Analysis Function pathways highlight a route through learning. Bringing together analytical courses from a range of providers, each pathway will help you to see where your learning could take you.