Data visualisation e-learning

Audience: An introductory level course for anyone who has to create data visualisations for internal or external communications.

Provider: Analysis Function Central Team


  • How to create charts that communicate messages clearly and with impact.
  • Best practice approaches for formatting and publishing data visualisations.
  • How to make data visualisations more accessible to all, regardless of health condition or impairment

How to complete: This e-learning is made up of 11 modules and how you complete it is up to you. You can do all the modules at once, or one or two a day. To help you decide each module comes with an estimate of how long it should take to complete.

Activities with the e-learning: Many of the learning activities in this course use Microsoft Office. If you would like to learn about creating data visualisations in different coding languages, try the Data visualisation in R and Python course from the Data Science Campus Faculty (note, at the moment this course is only open to government analysts).

Accessibility note: Alternative text for all images can be found in the body text directly beneath each image so that all users can access it.

Feedback: Please let us know what you think of this e-learning by completing our short survey.