Data visualisation in R and Python

Open to
Government analysts
Training category
Analytical, Data visualisation
Type of training
12 hours
Analysis Function Capability Team
Analysis Function Capability Team


Data visualisation is the art of displaying data in a clear and understandable way that allows for maximum impact. By following GSS guidelines for best practice, you can ensure that your visualisations are consistent with each other, improving readability and professionalism.

These courses are parallel courses explaining how to take the GSS guidelines and practically apply it using the programming languages of R and Python. They will take you from first principles through to producing production ready visualisation.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session, participants will:

  • be able to plot basic visualisations
  • understand GSS guidelines to customise plots
  • plot a range of different visualisations for both discrete and continuous data
  • learn to plot tabular data for publication and dissemination of results

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