How To Make a Good Map

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One hour
Office for National Statistics (ONS) Geospatial Team

This course introduces users to the best practice around mapping for a statistical context. We’ll introduce the most common types of maps used to present statistics and will provide guidance on what to think about when making a statistical map to ensure you make a clean, accurate and informative map.

Learning outcomes

This course covers:

  • The most common types of statistical maps
  • Fundamental map components:
    • choosing a suitable map type for your data
    • choosing a suitable type of statistical boundary for your map
    • choosing suitable bins/groups
    • choosing a good colour scheme and/or symbology for your map
  • Additional map elements including:
    • base mapping
    • legends
    • labels
    • text
    • scales
  • Exercise: map critique (with discussion answers)

How to book

Access this e-learning on How To Make A Good Map on the ONS Geography GitHub.


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