This module should take 30 minutes to complete.


This module focuses on how to edit tables for publishing in documents and presentations. However, the points made are also relevant to HTML tables.

The training for this module is presented in a PowerPoint file. It contains an example of how to improve a table and an exercise for you to complete.

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Module content

Module 11 – tables (PPTX, 485KB)

This module is provided in a PowerPoint file. We normally advise to provide all content in an Open Document Format (ODF), but we have found problems with the accessibility of the tables mark-up in ODF formats.

Some of the content within this PowerPoint deliberately fails the accessibility success criteria as part of the exercise.

If you have any other problems accessing or viewing this file please email

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Guidance for tables

Our Data visualisation: tables guidance has more information on presenting and publishing data in HTML tables.

Our Releasing statistics in spreadsheets guidance has more information on presenting data in spreadsheets.

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Try these questions to test your knowledge from this module


Download a plain text version of module 11 quiz (ODT, 8KB)

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