Learning pathways

Analysis Function Learning Pathways have been developed to bring together analytical courses from a range of providers, supporting the Function’s aim to develop analytical capability across government and complementing your learning journey.

Following the suggested sequence of complementary courses will help you to see where your learning could take you and provides suggestions on follow-up courses if you are interested in developing your skills further. The pathways will help you develop a stronger holistic understanding of analytical topics and be supported in continuing your progression more so than by taking a standalone course.

There are a variety of pathways available, with one to suit you whether you are a coding whizz or have done no analysis before.

Each pathway has an attached persona, designed to be relatable to you and will give you an idea of whether a pathway will not only be at the right level but will also help you achieve your learning goals. These personas have been created based on a variety of information from pre and post course surveys, learning needs analysis as well as one to one feedback from course participants and information/observations from learners looking for a course.

Introductory Level Pathways

There are several Introductory Level Pathways including:

Analysis and Programming Pathways

There are several Analysis and Programming Pathways including: