Analytical learning pathway for non-analysts

Analytical skills are in high demand across government and are often required in many roles. Civil servants often need some analytical knowledge to:

  • interpret basic data and produce clear and accessible tables, charts, and graphs
  • work alongside analysts and analytical teams to commission projects
  • use evidence to inform decision-making and policy development

This learning pathway has been specifically developed for non-analysts and is organised into 4 stages that increase in complexity and detail. We recommend that all learners begin at Stage 1. For any further information, please email

Stage 1: Developing essential analytical skills

The Analysis Function has produced bite-sized videos on a range of analytical skills. The topics include:

  • statistical significance
  • samples
  • the differences between percentages and percentage points

Our Analytical Literacy learning provides excellent modular content around:

  • planning projects
  • methods of analysis
  • quality assurance
  • communicating insights

The Government Finance Function offer a Data Quality module which introduces six data quality dimensions and their importance.

Our Data Visualisation e-learning is an essential way of understanding how to create effective tables, graphs and charts. The e-learning includes guidance on a range of accessibility considerations and advice.

The comprehensive Data Masterclass provides opportunities for cohorts of senior leaders to strengthen their knowledge and practice around making evidence-based decisions and policy.

Stage 2: Getting to know the Analysis Function, analytical career pathways and roles within analysis

The Analysis Function Strategy for 2022 to 2025 sets out the work of the Analysis Function and its priorities.

Our Analysis Function Career Framework contains a comprehensive overview of analytical careers and role profiles.

Our Career Stories demonstrate the sheer diversity of pathways through the Function, with personal stories and top tips from government analysts.

Civil Service Careers provides an overview of government Analysis, apprenticeships and Fast Stream schemes.

Connect with the Analysis Function

There are many ways to connect with the AF. You can:

  • subscribe to the Analysis Function newsletter by emailing
  • follow the AF on X (Twitter) at @gov_analysis
  • keep up to date with AF events on Eventbrite
  • subscribe to the Government Analysis YouTube

Stage 3: Accessing deeper learning

The following courses are provided by the Government Campus:

Civil Service Learning offers a Data and Analysis course which looks at how different types of data can be used to inform good decision-making in a workshop setting.

Analytical software and technologies

There are many different types of software and coding used within analysis. These include:

The Analysis Function Learning Curriculum offers a comprehensive library of technical learning. Please contact to discuss access to modules, if needed.

Stage 4: Getting familiar with analytical guidance and best practice

A range of free guidance is available for many aspects of analysis, including: