Statistics in R

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Government analysts
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12 hours
Data Science Campus Faculty
Data Science Campus Faculty


This course covers a range of statistical methods and how to use them within R. It contains both theory, and practical examples of how to use the R language to perform a wide selection of statistical tests, explore regression and modelling, both simple regression, and more complicated generalised linear models. Prior knowledge of R is a requirement. You can access an introductory R course in the Learning Hub.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session you will:

  • know how to perform random samples and understand probability distributions within R
  • be able to perform Exploratory Data Analysis within R
  • understand and be able to use a wide range of statistical tests within R
  • know how R can be used for Linear Regression
  • have explored model selection for performance in R
  • understand how to perform Generalised Linear Models within R

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