Machine learning in R

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Government analysts
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Three days
Analysis Function Capability Team
Analysis Function Capability Team


This course has been designed for beginners in the field of machine learning (ML). But, ML practitioners using Python, R or other platforms can also benefit from this course as it introduces the mlr3 machine learning ecosystem which provides state of the art machine learning tools for building, modifying and deploying ML models in practical environments.

The course introduces popular machine learning and statistical pattern recognition techniques used by industry and academia including regression, classification, and cluster analyses.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • describe key machine learning concepts highlighting the modelling and evaluation approaches
  • demonstrate skills in developing machine learning models using mlr3 ecosystem
  • run machine learning experiments with pre-processing pipelines and relevant pre-processing operators
  • perform model optimisation through automated hyperparameter tuning in mlr3
  • run benchmarking experiments to identify the best model for a given data driven problem

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