Introduction to data visualisation

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Government analysts
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Data visualisation
Type of training
2 hours
Analysis Function Central Team

This course aims to:

  • provide an overview of good practice in the design and presentation of tables, graphs and maps and the use of colour
  • outline the core principles and theoretical issues in the development of data visualisations
  • explain how people think about data visualisations

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will have developed awareness of:

  • basic design principles that can be applied to static tables and graphs to ensure effective communication
  • how to apply best practice in the development of tables, graphs, maps and colour schemes
  • the use of data visualisation for reference and demonstration purposes

Please note, this e-learning has not yet been updated to match our new guidance on Data visualisation: charts and Data visualisation: tables. It is due to be updated soon.

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