Dates and times in R

Open to
Government analysts
Training category
Analytical, Data science
Type of training
4 hours
Data Science Campus Faculty
Data Science Campus Faculty

Every data analyst will need to deal with dates and times at some point in their work. This course provides an introduction on how to deal with this kind of data. This subject is not covered in the Introduction to R course.

Who this course is for

To enrol on this course you will need to have some basic knowledge of Python, or have completed the Introduction to R course .

Learning outcomes

On this course you will learn:

  • how to create date-time classes and data structures
  • how dates and time are stored
  • how to convert date-time information in character format
  • how to convert a date-time column to different date-time classes
  • how to extract parts of a date-time
  • about date-time operations – this will include addition, subtractions, rounding dates and creating a sequence of dates

How to book

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