Analysis in Government (AiG) Month 2024

A montage of images from AiG Month

Analysis in Government Month (AiG Month) returns in May 2024 with the theme of ‘Innovation’.

We are now starting to list events for AiG Month. Head to the Analysis Function Eventbrite page to see what’s available now, and follow us to be instantly notified of new events as they drop.

The official window for session submissions has now closed and we’re delighted to report our calendar of events is packed with excellent content. We’re going to be treated to a wide variety of events on innovative subjects including:

During AiG Month we will be covering topics such as cutting-edge AI and coding, and also exploring new ways of communicating analysis accessibly, new ways of engaging, and new ways of working together. During AiG Month you can expect to learn more about how to use innovative tools or techniques in your analysis, how to deploy innovative new ways to engage people with your analysis, new ways of working with your colleagues, policy professionals and operational delivery professionals, and much more!

AiG Month 2024 will demonstrate how important it is for government analysts to understand different types of innovation and learn how to keep up to date in such a fast-moving area. During the month we will share lots of learning and development resources, hints and tips, and experiences from analysts of all grades across government, so we can all learn to maximise our impact through better collaboration, communication, inclusion, and using innovative methods more effectively.

Learn directly from a diverse range of government analysts, access exclusive learning and development resources and blogs, or get involved in an interactive session this AiG Month!