Innovation starts here: Analysis in Government Month 2024

Natasha Bance

Analysis in Government (AiG) Month 2024 is back with a plethora of innovative events from across government for you to choose from. Visit the Analysis Function Eventbrite page to see the full calendar of events.

When we see innovation in cartoons and movies, it usually depicts a scientist with a ‘eureka!’ lightbulb moment. However, we know that in reality the process is far more complex in finding the right solution to the problem. Thomas Edison was known to have said, “I have not failed 10,000 times – I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work” and it is said it took him 1,000 attempts to create the lightbulb!

This year has seen a flurry of creative inventions that could make you think we are living in a sci-fi movie, particularly with the huge advancements in generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). We have also seen airless tyres that will never go flat, a ‘boat in a backpack’, and with the creation of robot co-workers could the world of ‘I, Robot’ be closer than we think?

From lightbulbs to Large Language Models (LLMs), the work of analysts across government has been just as impressive. Whether it’s striving to solve analytical issues, providing more impactful insights for decision-makers, or creating new processes and tools to engage wider audiences with analysis.

So, we are really looking forward to celebrating and exploring the work across the Civil Service in this year’s AiG Month, which has the theme of – you guessed it – ‘Innovation’!

Sometimes it can seem like we’re too busy with our ‘business as usual’ to even think about doing things differently. Given the potential to do more with less or increase the quality of our work without doing more work however, innovation is something we should all be thinking about. And AiG Month is just the place to start.

We have such a diverse programme of pioneering work from colleagues across government from a range of professions, sharing their experience along the way. There is a real range of topics for this year’s event to enhance your professional skills and knowledge. Sessions include discussions of:

  • the use of AI in government
  • the development of new analytical methods
  • more accessible ways of working

We will also hear from some of this year’s AiG Award winners showcasing their excellent projects. So please join us for what is now the UK’s largest learning and development event for government analysts. It is certain to be packed full of best practice, top tips and inspiration that should create ‘lightbulb’ moments for us all.

Keep up to date with the latest AiG news by following @gov_analysis on X or visiting our AiG Month webpage.

Adrian Richards and Jane Whittaker
Natasha Bance
Adrian and Jane are co-directors of Knowledge, Analysis and Intelligence (KAI) at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).