Analysis in Government Month 2022

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The second Analysis in Government (AiG) Month is taking place this May with the theme of #AnalysisCollaborate.

Successful collaborations are the key to great working relationships. That’s why this year we will be building on the 2021 AiG Month theme of “Analysis Connect” by exploring the brilliant things we can achieve by working together.

During AiG Month you can expect insightful people stories, engaging events, and interviews with senior leaders. We’ve even got an Evaluation Day that you can get involved with.

Follow the Analysis Function (AF) Eventbrite page and keep checking the page for details about our events.

The Head of the AF and National Statistician Professor Sir Ian Diamond encourages analysts from across government to get involved with AiG Month and make the most of the opportunities available throughout May. There’s nothing better than bringing together different skills from diverse teams and we’re very excited to celebrate AiG Month with analysts from across government and beyond.

Who Analysis in Government Month is for

Analysis in Government Month is open to:

  • members of the Analysis Function and local government analysts
  • aspiring analysts – both within and outside of government
  • Policy professionals, Finance professionals, Operational Delivery Professions and anyone with an interest in government analysis – for example: other civil servants, academics or analysts in non-government organisations

Analysis in Government Month activities and content

AiG Month will include events, talks, and activities covering interesting and useful content. You will be able to connect with analysts from all different departments, grades and professions during the month.

Inside the minds of our senior leaders

Analysis Function Leader Questions and Answers (Q&A)

During the month, we’ll be sharing insightful Q&A from senior leaders where we’ll ask pertinent questions affecting analysts across government. But we will also be asking about the really important issues like scones… jam or cream first?

Collaboration opportunities

Linking Analysis in Government Month with the Policy Profession Festival in May, we want to help people working with policy and with data analysis to develop those connections and grow your networks across government.

Live events

We’re working with a host of colleagues to bring you a range of interesting seminars throughout the month. Analytical teams from departments such as HM Revenue and Customs, Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) join us to talk about analysis across government.

We also have two great live events planned as part of our Evaluation Day on Thursday 19 May.

You can see our full calendar of AiG month events and sign up to attend sessions on the AF Eventbrite page. All events will take place online throughout May 2022.


Throughout the month we will be publishing two series of blogs. One series will concentrate on the challenges and benefits of working together on projects across government.

The second series will feature analysts in different government departments. Each analyst will tell us about their career journey and give their career advice to other analysts.

You can see all of our AiG month blog posts on our blog page.

Contact us

If you have any questions about AiG Month, please contact us at