Highlights from the first week of Analysis in Government Month 2022

One week into Analysis in Government Month 2022 and it’s already been a very busy week! 

At the launch event earlier this week, Professor Sir Ian Diamond, Head of the Analysis Function and National Statistician told us why the theme of ‘Analysis Collaborate’ is such a “wonderful opportunity to bring together people working with analysis right across government and absolutely fundamental to the really brilliant analysis we are able to do.” 

Jane Whittaker and Adrian Richards, Directors of Knowledge, Analysis and Intelligence in His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) officially opened the month-long campaign, encouraging everyone to make the most of this unmissable opportunity to focus on the brilliant things we can achieve when we work together across teams and departments. 

Our second live event featured colleagues from HMRC, who gave a fascinating insight into how the debt recovery team had to completely change their approach during the pandemic, and how they were able to put together a new analytical approach in a short timeframe. 

Presenters Mike O’Doherty, Leanne Sunter and Jayne Henderson-Hamilton told us their five highlights from the event: 

  1. As COVID-19 hit, HMRC’s debt balance trebled, and all debt collection activity was paused. The Knowledge Analysis and Intelligence and Debt Management teams collaborated to develop and implement a customer segmentation of the financial impact of COVID-19 to balance supporting customers through the pandemic and safely collecting debts. 
  2. Through collaboration across analysis, strategy, planning, IT and operations, HMRC went from model concept to live operation in three months compared to previous lead times of 18 months. 
  3. Our customer segmentation gave HMRC confidence to restart debt collection and has tailored our debt collection approach for millions of customers throughout the pandemic. 
  4. We are now using this collaborative and incremental approach to delivering further segmentation models for propensity and ability to pay with shorter delivery time frames and more ‘on the job’ testing. 
  5. Our top tips for other teams are to prepare for many changes of direction, document everything and your plan is your best friend! 

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