Natural Language Processing (NLP) in R

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Government analysts
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Type of training
2 days
Analysis Function Capability Team
Analysis Function Capability Team


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is used for processing and analysing natural language. With the new approaches and toolsets converge with ever-increasing data availability, NLP is rapidly evolving.

In this introductory course, we will cover the basics of NLP topics including the process of ‘cleaning’ a dataset, exploring it, and applying simple feature engineering techniques to transform the data which will help you for expanding your analysis capabilities.

This introductory course on natural language processing is aimed at learners who are not experts in natural language processing but have familiarity with code in R.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session, participants will:

  • understand the fundamental concepts and techniques of natural language processing
  • learn to use a regular expression to extract patterns from text
  • understand and apply the necessary steps to ‘clean’, explore and transform the dataset in the appropriate order
  • implement text analysis (sentiment analysis) with real datasets

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