Innovation Masterclass

Open to
Everyone, Other (please specify)
Training category
Careers, Other
Type of training
1 day
Central Digital and Data Office

Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO) are providing access to the Innovation Masterclass online course. This is to support the “Transforming for a digital future: 2022 to 2025” roadmap.

Who this course is for

Senior leaders across all government departments are invited to attend this one day course.

The Innovation Masterclass course is now a part of the Director Leadership Programme and fulfils the requirements of the Digital Essentials for Senior Civil Service (SCS) standard.

About the Innovation Masterclass

The Innovation Masterclass teaches the skills most needed within the Modern Civil Service today. This programme breaks down the art of innovation into small steps that can be applied to your future projects. It also teaches you how to evaluate ideas and pitch solutions.

How to attend

You can register to access the course by filling in the CDDO online form.