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Reverse Mentoring moves to Mutual Mentoring for the Analysis Function

In late 2020 the Government Statistician Group (GSG) launched a diversity and inclusion Reverse Mentoring pilot scheme. It was developed as part of our commitment to staff development and inclusion across the profession.

The scheme has been supported by the National Statistician, Professor Sir Ian Diamond. It gave staff from underrepresented groups and diverse backgrounds the chance to mentor and engage with Senior Civil Servants (SCS) within the profession. The scheme was designed to provide an open and honest environment to inspire discussions about creating inclusive work practices. It also gave everyone involved the chance to learn from each other.

One participant Jane Naylor, Chief Statistician, Deputy Director Statistics and Data Science, said “I have found the Government Statistical Service (GSS) reverse mentoring scheme hugely beneficial. We have covered topics such as diversity and inclusion, well-being, setting a vision and providing feedback. Reverse mentoring has helped me to think about these issues from different perspectives.

“I really feel that the mentoring discussions have strengthened my awareness as a leader. We’ve both really valued our relationship, so much so we’ve decided to keep on meeting even through the scheme has finished.”

You can read more about the scheme in our blog post.

We are pleased to announce that the Analysis Function (AF) will be launching a Mutual Mentoring programme. The programme will combine ‘traditional’ mentoring with reverse mentoring.

The AF wants to create a truly diverse and inclusive analysis community. Their aim is to create a community that is representative of the UK society we serve.

This time last year the AF published their Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) strategy for 2021 to 2024. The strategy gives details about the function they want to create and how they will achieve their aims. The Mutual Mentoring programme is an important part of the strategy. The GSG will be supporting the programme.