Innovation in analysis

For our second Innovation Showcase of the year, we welcomed talks from the Cabinet Office’s Evaluation Task Force, the Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA) and the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC). 

Introducing the event, Head of the Analysis Function and National Statistician Sir Ian Diamond told the audience “Never has it been more important to innovate”, reminding us that it isn’t always about the big ‘lightbulb moments’ but more often “Innovation is actually small pieces of incremental improvement.” AF Innovation Sponsor, Matt Gurden also reminded everyone that the fourth annual Analysis in Government Awards are now open for nominations and encouraged attendees to think about the Innovative Methods category and “take this opportunity to showcase what you and colleagues are doing to make a difference across government. Submit your work – you never know you might be a winner!” 

Miriam Styrnol took delegates through how the Evaluation Task Force has taken an innovative ‘train the trainer’ approach to building their academy experts; ensuring a cost-effective and sustainable way of delivering training and inspiring learners while also building lasting networks. 

Next up, Lauren Petrie showcased the work of the GIAA and how their Insights Engine has transformed lengthy review processes during audits; moving from a team of four analysing 12 core department’s opinion reports in one week to one person analysing 120 in the same time period. Find out more in this GIAA blog, blogcelebrating the first anniversary of launching their Insights Engine. 

Finally, Jo Lee talked about how the DHSC brought about innovation by bringing in Data Science Fellows who brought fresh perspective to help solve issues in analysing NHS data. They were able to provide new insight, digging into how individual NHS Trusts deliver services and in understanding winter risks. 

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