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February 2022 Diversity and Inclusion Spotlight

Natasha Bance

This month, Paul Vickers from the Analysis Function Diversity and Inclusion working group talks to us about the importance of making reasonable adjustments in all aspects of life, and how this approach can help all of us to bring our whole selves to work.

Making reasonable adjustments

“If you saw a picture of my immediate family, we would look a typical family. And we are. There are, however, things that you can’t see in a photo. You wouldn’t be able to tell that two of the people are on medication for depression, you might not spot the same sex couple, the person who suffers from epilepsy and the person who is on the autistic spectrum.

When we meet, we don’t notice this either, as over the years we have subconsciously made the reasonable adjustments so that everyone can be themselves and be comfortable. We don’t play background music as it makes the person on the autistic spectrum unable to concentrate and we watch for any signals that might indicate the onset of an epileptic fit. Making these adjustments ensures that we have a wonderful time when we all catch up.

I like to think we do the same at work. It’s so important that we make reasonable adjustments at work so that everyone can be themselves without fear of any discrimination. It’s also important that that we feel able to discuss reasonable adjustments, that we have a culture where it is right to speak out when we don’t feel comfortable and that we respond with a growth mindset if someone has the courage to raise issues with us.

Helping to create an inclusive environment is the key theme of the Analysis Function Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit. Why not dip into it today so that you can play your part in creating an inclusive culture where you work – just send an email to to request your copy”.

Paul Vickers
Natasha Bance
Paul Vickers is a member of the Analysis Function Diversity and Inclusion working group.