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This information is scheduled for revision following the release of the new version of the Code of Practice for Statistics. It was written in the context of version 1.0 of the code. In situations where the new code and this guidance diverge, the new code should be followed.

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Publication date:1 April 2013
Owner:National Statistician’s Office
Who this is for:Members of the Government Statistical Service

Guidance on international collaboration

The Government Statistical Service (GSS) works with other official statistics organisations, governments and inter-governmental organisations around the world in the global statistical system. We do this in order to:

  • develop international standards in official statistics, so UK official statistics can be compared to those about other countries
  • share good practice with and learn from our international peers
  • share resources in developing statistical architecture and methodologies
  • develop a network of personal and institutional support from organisations that share our ethos, perspectives and challenges
  • promote the use of statistics as part of the policy dialogue with national governments
  • assist other countries in helping them to develop their statistical systems

All of the UK statistics producers have International Liaison Officers (ILO). They are the main contact points for communicating and coordinating Government Statistical Service (GSS) international activity.

If you need to find out who the ILO is in your department or, for any other guidance or information on international issues, contact the Legal and International Services team (LIS) in the UK Statistics Authority’s Central Policy Secretariat by emailing

Checklist for international collaboration

This checklist document provides a checklist and background information for members of the Government Statistical Service to make the right decisions about their involvement in international activity.



Checklist for international collaboration (PDF, 0.29MB)

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