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Shadow Board members needed for the People Committee

Are you keen to promote diversity and inclusion across the Government Statistical Service (GSS)?

Our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Working Group have been running a pilot shadow board and would now like to invite member applications from across our community.

The Shadow Board will be embedded into the GSS People Committee and function as an advisory and challenge body to ensure diversity and inclusion is considered central to all policies. It will offer views to the Committee to help them make decisions, identify any issues and concerns and make recommendations.

The Shadow Board will ensure the People Committee is focussed on the right ‘people’ priorities for the GSS. It embeds diversity into the GSS’ governance structure; bringing diverse views and lived experiences to the People Committee to ensure that board-level decisions are inclusive.

Our People Committee meets quarterly to develop and review people policies and practice for the GSS community.

Apply for the Shadow Board

If you would like to apply to join the Shadow Board please email detailing why you are interested in the opportunity, the skills you would offer to the committee and the diverse perspective you could bring.

Please include details of any diversity networks you have been involved with or other experience you consider to be relevant.