Managing data learning pathway


The Managing Data pathway covers the foundations and best practices of managing data, including dealing with missing data, the importance of data security (ethics and disclosure). It is suitable for non-analysts or those new to handling data.

Learning objectives

  • Understand how to prepare data for analysis.
  • Know the importance of ensuring data protection is adhered to.
  • Understand how to implement data security principles.
  • Understand how data can be linked.


This pathway contains four courses.


To help decide if this is the pathway for you, this learning persona is designed to create a realistic representation of the intended learning audience.

General background

Shay is an analyst who has been in post for six months.

Starting point

Shay has completed introduction to R and is familiarising herself with the language. This is her first job and she has limited experience in collecting data, although she has been involved in data analysis for a short period.

Perceived needs

Shay needs to know how to securely prepare data in the most effective way to ensure maximum outputs.

Special considerations

Shay prefers online self-study as she can fit this in around other commitments.


This learning pathway will help participants understand the importance and basic principles of data security to ensure data is handled in a secure and ethical way.

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