Learning Curriculum: Strengths

Strengths are the things that we do regularly, do well and that motivate us.

This section of the Analysis Function (AF) Learning Curriculum provides opportunities for you to engage with talented colleagues from across government who excel in their work and learn from their skills and experiences.

Strengths learning can be achieved through many routes, including becoming a member of a peer group, attending AF events, job-shadowing or joining a mentoring scheme. There are around 17,000 members of the AF. We all excel in different ways and by sharing our time and experience can help develop strengths in others and ourselves.

Most of the learning in the AF Learning Curriculum is free but any learning that does have a cost associated is indicated by a £ sign. We’ve also indicated where learning aligns to the 70:20:10 model.



Champion networks

Champion networks aim to share best practice, improve awareness and create links across departments.