GSS methodology publications

We regularly publish work on new methods and where we have made significant improvements to existing methods. We have a number of channels:

Office for National Statistics (ONS) working paper series

Government Statistical Service (GSS) methodology for official statistics (this also includes the discontinued survey methodology bulletin and GSS methodology series).

The table provides a comprehensive list of all publications authored or co-authored by the Office for National Statistics Methodology Division.

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Measurement Error in Longitudinal DataBook chapter2021measurement error, longitudinal data, survey methodologyBlackwell, L., Rogers, N., Cernat, A., Sakshaug, J. W.
A Practical Introduction to Index NumbersBook2015index numbersRalph, J., O'Neill, R., Winton, J.
100 years of the census of production in the UKGSS Paper2009census of productionSmith, P. A. and Penneck, S.
Using Statistical Modelling to estimate international migrationWorking paper2021time series, migration, modellingRogers, N., Blackwell, L., Elliott, D., Large, A., Ridden, S., Wu, M.
Assessing the Generalised Structure Preserving Estimator (GSPREE) for Local Authority Population Estimates by Ethnic Group in EnglandGSS Paper2016small area estimation, ethnicityCorrea-Onel, S., Whitworth, A. and Piller, K.
Estimating distributions of household income for middle layer super output areas in 2011 using small area estimation methodsGSS Paper2010small area estimation, incomeNorth, R. and Whitworth, A.
How face-to-face interviewer attitudes and beliefs moderate the effect of monetary incentive on UK Labour Force Survey response ratesArticle2020incentives, interviewer attitudes, labour force surveyLowthian, P. and Lloyd, L.
Changes to the Wealth and Assets Survey weighting system because of a shift in the reporting periodArticle2020wealth and assets, weightingLowthian, P. and Zobay, O.
Inflation: History and MeasurementBook2017inflation, economic statistics, price indexO'Neill, R., Ralph, J. and Smith, P. A.
Developments in Business Survey Methodology in the Office for National Statistics, 1994-2000Journal paper2003economic statistics, surveys, business register, estimationSmith, P. A., Pont, M. and Jones, T.
Redesign in a statistical office – sociodemographic statistics in the Office for National StatisticsJournal paper2014administrative data, coverage surveySmith, P. A.
Should we sample a time series more frequently: decision support via multirate spectrum estimationJournal paper2016time series, bayesian, spectrum estimation, aliasingNason, G., Powell, B., Elliott, D. and Smith, P. A.
Changing Industrial Classification to SIC (2007) at the UK Office for National StatisticsJournal paper2017SIC, classification, quality, conversion, overlapSmith, P. A. and James, G. G.
Quality procedures for survey transitions - experiments, time series and discontinuitiesJournal paper2008time series, discontinuities, surveysBrakel, J. van den, Smith, P. A. and Compton S.
ONS web scraping policyPolicy2018web scrapingGreenaway, M.
Collecting and using social media for statistics and statistical research policyPolicy2018social media, web scrapingWardman, L.
Tracking and modelling prices using web-scraped price microdata: Towards automated daily consumer price index forecastingJournal paper2017Dynamic inflation model, High frequency inflation prediction, Inflation estimation, state space modelPowell, B., Nason, G., Elliott, D., Mayhew, M., Davies, J., Winton, J.
An introduction to applications of wavelet benchmarking with seasonal adjustmentJournal paper2016benchmarking, seasonal adjustment, structural time series, thresholding, waveletsSayal, H., Aston, J., Elliott, D., Ombao, H.
2011 UK Census Coverage assessment and adjustment strategyArticle2007census coverageAbbott, O.
Counting and estimating hard-to-survey populations in the 2011 CensusBook chapter2014censusAbbott, O., Compton, G.
Estimating and correcting for over-count in the 2011 CensusSMB Paper2011census over-countLarge, A., Brown, J., Abbott O., Taylor A.
Linkage of Census and Administrative Data to Quality Assure the 2011 Census for England and WalesJournal paper2015record linkage, administrative data coverage, linkage methodsBlackwell, L., Charlesworth, A., Rogers, N.
Longitudinal Data for Official Immigration StatisticsUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe taskforce paper2019total survey error, longitudinal, international migrationRogers, N. and Blackwell, L.
Ethnic-minority groups in England and Wales—factors associated with the size and timing of elevated COVID-19 mortality: a retrospective cohort study linking census and death recordsJournal paper2020COVID-19, coronavirus, ethnicity, BAME, social determinants of health, census, mortalityAyoubkhani, D., Nafilyan, V., White, C., Goldblatt, P., Gaughan, C.H., Blackwell, L., Rogers, N., Banerjee, A., Khunti, K., Glickman, M., Humberstone, B., Diamond, I.D.
Religious affiliation and COVID-19-related mortality: a retrospective cohort study of prelockdown and postlockdown risks in England and WalesJournal paper2021COVID-19, coronavirus, religion, census, mortalityGaughan, C. H., Ayoubkhani, D., Nafilyan, V., Goldblatt, P., White, C., Tingay, K., Bannister, N.
Ethnicity, household composition and COVID-19 mortality: a national linked data studyJournal paper2021Clinical, ethnic studies, housing and health, infectious diseases, public healthNafilyan, V., Islam, N., Ayoubkhani, D., Gilles, C., Katikireddi, S. V., Mathur, R., Summerfield, A., Tingay, K., Asaria, M., John, A., Goldblatt, P., Banerjee, A., Glickman, M., Khunti, K.
An external validation of the QCovid risk prediction algorithm for risk of mortality from COVID-19 in adults: national validation cohort study in EnglandPreprint2021Qcovid risk, mortality, COVID-19Nafilyan, V., Humberstone, B., Mehta, N., Diamond, I. D., Coupland, C., Lorenzi, L., Pawelek, P., Schofield, R., Morgan, J., Brown, P., Lyons, R., Sheikh, A., Hippisley-Cox, J.
Post-covid syndrome in individuals admitted to hospital with covid-19: retrospective cohort studyJournal paper2021COVID-19, long covid, organ dysfunctionAyoubkhani, D., Khunti, K., Nafilyan, V., Maddox, T., Humberstone, B., Diamond, I. D., Banerjee, A.
Updating ethnic contrasts in deaths involving the coronavirus (COVID-19), England and Wales: deaths occurring 2 March to 28 July 2020Article2020COVID-19, mortality, ethnicityWhite, C. and Ayoubkhani, D.
Statistical properties of coronavirus (COVID-19) mortality data: error in longitudinally linked survey and administrative sourcesArticle2021COVID-19, longitudinal, mortality, errorRogers, N., Blackwell, L., Cummins, S., Fordham, E., Large, A., Ridden, S., Scott-Kortlever, E. and Hanson G.
Sampling procedures for assessing accuracy of record linkageConference paper2016linkage, sampling, accuracySmith, P., Gammon, S., Cummins, S., Chatzoglou, C. and Heasman, D.
Labour Force Survey weighting methodologyArticle2021labour force survey, weightingMerad, S.
Valuing official statistics with conjoint analysisWorking paper2021conjoint, official statisticsWilliams, S.
Using longitudinally linked data to measure the integration of refugees in the UKConference poster2021linkage, longitudinal, refugeesHanson, G., Scott-Kortlever, E.,Ismail, Z., Rogers, N., Calem, M. and Shaw, E.
Coronavirus vaccine hesitancy in younger adults: A qualitative studyArticle2021COVID-19, vaccine, qualitativeJones, B., Wardman L. and Tinkler L.
Deaths involving COVID-19 by self-reported disability status during the first two waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in England: a retrospective, population-based cohort studyJournal Paper2021COVID-19, mortalityBosworth M.L., Ayoubkhani, D., Nafilyan V., Foubert, J., Glickman, M., Davey, C. and Kuper, H.
Outlier and Anomaly Detection Methods with Applications to the 2021 CensusWorking paper2018census, outliers, data scienceSabeur, Z., Correndo, G., Veres, G.V., Smith, P.A. and Dawber, J.