Central Policy Secretariat for the UK Statistics Authority

The Central Policy Secretariat (CPS) is a division within the UK Statistics Authority.

The CPS:

  • helps staff across the Government Statistical Service (GSS) to work together with senior leaders to achieve shared priorities
  • supports the governance of the UK statistical system, including the Authority Board, the top level GSS committees and the network of statistical Heads of Profession (HoPs)
  • supports the National Statistician and the deputy National Statisticians
  • manages the National Statistics Leadership Team’s Private Office – you can email the office at National.Statistician@statistics.gov.uk
  • manages the Parliamentary Unit which provides reports and advice on the statistical developments in Parliament and the devolved legislatures – you can email the Parliamentary Unit at Parliamentary.Unit@ons.gov.uk
  • manages the EU Exit Programme which co-ordinates work on the impact of EU Exit on the statistical system – you can email the EU Exit Programme at EU.Exit@ons.gov.uk
  • manages the International Team which co-ordinates international engagement across the GSS via an International Liaison Officer in each department – you can email them at International@statistics.gov.uk
  • supports the organisation of the annual GSS Conference
  • deals with a number of cross-cutting issues on statistical policy as they arise – for example, providing guidance on statistics during the pre-election and keeping the policy on publishing statistics on polling days up to date
  • keeps an up to date list of HoPs
  • organises quarterly meetings for all statistical HoPs – this includes a larger GSS leadership event each June
  • provides a weekly email for HoPs that brings together all important communications


Email: GSS@statistics.gov.uk.

Please get in touch if you want to include anything in the weekly HoPs email, or have any ideas for HoPs sessions.