Analysis Function Resourcing Hub

The Analysis Function (AF) is committed to ensuring we have skilled people in the right place at the right time to produce the best analysis for decision-makers and the public.

Rather than directly recruiting or employing analysts, the AF provides expert support to colleagues involved in the resourcing and recruitment of government analysts across government.

Analytical skills are in demand across the Civil Service. The AF Resourcing Hub encourages departments to approach resourcing by concentrating on the type of analyst or analytical output needed for a role and demonstrates how analytical vacancies can be filled in a more effective and efficient way.

The Hub provides a central place for:

  • guidance on resourcing best practice
  • guidance that encourages consistency in how analytical capacity is managed
  • associated materials to support more fluid movement of analysts to meet Government priorities

Resourcing Hub products

Other products within the AF Resourcing Hub are available on request.

The process map is designed for departmental resourcing teams to help with running all-profession and profession agnostic analytical recruitment. It includes case studies and best practices for inclusive recruitment.

Request a copy of the process map.

The accreditation toolkit is designed for senior leaders and members of the analytical community who are interested in accreditation to an analytical profession. It suggests approaches for accrediting Government Analysts.

Request a copy of the accreditation toolkit.

Principles for managing analytical resource more flexibly to meet the demand of Government priorities. This includes definitions and case studies.

Request a copy of the surge resourcing policy pack.