Analysis in Government (AiG) Month Week 1: An introduction to innovation

As well as a packed schedule of live events for this year’s Analysis in Government (AiG) Month, we also have a range of learning resources released each week themed to the sessions to further your learning.

Dip into insightful blogs and articles between events in the Byte sized learning section or find out where you can expand your knowledge with resources and eLearning in our Taking it further section.


Byte sized learning

To kick off AiG month, we have put together some excellent resources to show innovation across government.

What is innovation?

Building an innovative Civil Service

This blog post is from the Modern Civil Service blog from the Cabinet Office. It discusses what to we mean by ‘innovative’, why it matters, and how to build a culture of innovation in the Civil Service.

Seven ways to make the Civil Service more innovative…

This blog post was written by Simon Baugh, Chief Executive of the Government Communication Service (GCS), for the the Civil Service blog. It sets out different ways the Civil Service can be made more innovative; from culture, funding, insight, networks, and skills for innovation.

Creating a culture of innovation

This blog by Kiran Chahal, Senior Campaign Manager at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), discusses how our workplace culture is the root of success for successful products, services, and communications.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?: a quick-start guide for beginners

Find out what artificial intelligence really is with examples, expert input and tools in this article by Datacamp.

How Design for Accessibility Drives Innovation for All

Looking forward to Thursday’s session on ‘Putting accessibility innovations into practice‘? This article from Bill Horan from Delve, an innovation and development firm, discusses how accessible design can benefit everyone.
You can also read Hannah Thomas’ blog ‘accessibility empathy for users of spreadsheets’ to understand the issues some users face when accessing data tables.

Innovation in tax

This article by Autumn, a Senior User Researcher in the Innovation team in HMRC, reflects on how the department is embracing new future technologies by concentrating on user-centred design to improve user experience and system efficiency.

Taking it further


TED Talks on Innovation

Watch a collection of Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) Talks on the topic of Innovation. Talks range from the importance of data and technology, best practices for business innovation, and the evolution for artificial intelligence (AI).


Analysis Function Innovation Hub

This Analysis Function page gives information about the guidance and support available to help you work more innovatively in your department. This includes information on both innovative tools and examples of how innovative techniques have been applied within government.


Take a look at our suggested innovative Civil Service eLearning courses. Please note you must be registered and signed into Civil Service Learning to access these courses.

Innovation Masterclass
Duration: 5 hours 22 minutes
The Innovation Masterclass provides industry-proven techniques to help you turn your ideas into innovations.

The gubbins of government
Duration: 3 minutes
This video shows how new technology will change the mechanics of government services.

Planning and implementing change
Duration: 2 hours 8 minutes
This course will give you a better understanding of how to plan and implement a change strategy and help the Civil Service to build its change management capability.

Just for fun

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