Requests for new guidance or amendments to guidance on the Analysis Function website

There is now a process to follow if you would like to publish new guidance or make amendments to existing guidance on the Analysis Function website. This process applies to all guidance which has relevance across multiple departments or professions.

The new process

You must:

  1. Complete an Analysis Function Steering Group (AFSSG) form with details of the new guidance you would like to publish, or the amendments you would like to make to existing guidance.
  2. Send your completed form to the team at

The AFSSG will then review your request. The group will be able to suggest changes and consult wider experts for feedback.

The Analysis Function Steering Group

The Analysis Function Standards Steering Group was set up in April 2022 to oversee any analytical standards and guidance that have relevance across the Analysis Function.
The new approval process is designed to ensure any new or updated guidance which has relevance across the Function is:

  • fit for purpose
  • being developed with sufficient expertise
  • not duplicating existing guidance

Any guidance relevant to multiple professions that is published on the Analysis Function website will now need to be approved through this process before it is published.

This is a two-way process and is aimed to help you develop good quality guidance. It is not intended to create an unnecessary administrative burden and slow things down. The AFSSG includes representatives from across departments and professions, so it will be able to link you up with suitable experts and may be able to help you fill in any resourcing gaps through the wider Analysis community​.

The AFSSG are also developing a log of existing guidance so can point out any existing guidance which you may be able to use to help you with your work​. The group can also help promote your guidance once it’s finalised​.

If you need any support in this process or if you are unsure whether your guidance is within scope, please email the team at

Hints and tips for producing guidance

You should:

  • ensure you have a clear understanding of your requirements and your intended audience
  • consider whether the guidance needs to be mandatory or not, and how often it will need to be updated
  • ensure you have suitable expertise to develop the guidance — the Analysis Function Central team can support you with this
  • ensure you are not duplicating existing guidance, where relevant, you should cross refer to any existing guidance
  • ensure you are referring to accessibility guidance, the GDS guidance, and the checklist for publishing on the Analysis Function

Contact details and application form

Please download the AFSSG application form to submit new guidance or changes to guidance and email it to