New guidance on data sharing for crisis response

The Analysis Function has published a guide covering principles and best practice for sharing data, analysis, and statistics between government organisations in times of national crisis and to meet urgent operational need. The guide brings together various pieces of existing best practice guidance, including the Code of Practice for Statistics, in the context of national emergencies.

Access to high quality data is essential to the management of any crisis situation. You may need to depend on a wide range of sources to gain a full understanding of the effects of the crisis you are dealing with and gain operational awareness about the situation. This new guide helps analysts:

  • prepare for crises
  • assess what information to share and when to share it
  • understand how to quality assure data
  • understand how to comply with handling restrictions and legislation

Head of the Analysis Function and National Statistician, Professor Sir Ian Diamond welcomed the publication and said:

Professor Sir Ian Diamond

“Analysts from across government have been called upon in recent years to inform multiple crisis situations. Whether during the COVID-19 pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine, or overseas evacuations, they have shown great agility in their efforts to ensure that decision-makers and the public alike have fast and accurate information.

Members of the Analysis Function should use this new guidance to help us realise the benefits of data in crises, supporting cross-government responses while safeguarding our high standards and acting with integrity.”