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Help the Government Office for Science make public service and infrastructure systems more resilient

The Government Office for Science (GO-Science) Resilience Foresight project aims to answer the question: “what can Government do to understand and prepare for longer-term changes and build its resilience to them?”. In order to answer this question, the project will:

  1. Explore how long-term strategic trends such as population ageing, climate change or use of digital technology are evolving, how they could interact with existing risks in the National Strategic Risk Assessment (NSRA), and how they could potentially create new risks.
  2. Develop methods to be used across Government to help make public service and infrastructure systems more resilient to the long term.

We will be using real-world case studies to support a more tangible understanding of how risks and trends can interact and how these methods can work in practice.

What we mean by a case study

For the purposes of this project, a case study will be a tangible, real world example used to stress-test our methodology. We will aim to identify what ‘critical system’ and ‘resilience’ mean in the context of each particular case study to understand its most important properties. We will be looking for examples that allow us to examine as broad a range of systems as possible.

An example of a case study could be semi-conductor supply chains. They are a core component of national competitiveness and security due to the vast amount of technological capability they underpin. However, the supply chains are complicated and fragile as manufacturing is almost entirely concentrated in Taiwan and South Korea. Exploring this in more detail as a case study could reveal new characteristics, connections, risks, and mitigations.

How to submit your case study

GO-Science are welcoming applications for case studies using a short online application form. This should only take around 15 minutes to complete. The deadline for applying is 4 July 2022.

Benefits of being selected

There are many benefits for those selected, including:

  • the opportunity to futureproof policy areas and systems using long-term trends, National Security Risk Assessment (NSRA) risks and bespoke scenarios
  • systems visualisation
  • building teams’ capability in futures, foresight and systems thinking
  • access to risk and foresight expertise across Government
  • showcasing innovation to senior leaders
  • case studies will be published on, providing good publicity

Contact us

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