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Analysis in Government Month 2021

Join us for the first Analysis in Government Month where we bring together people from across the Government Analysis Function, and local government analysts, to celebrate the importance of analytical work. This year’s theme is Analysis Connect.

You’ll find our full programme of events and activities on our Analysis in Government Month Eventbrite page

Taking place in May, this month-long campaign will:

  • connect people with the Analysis Function and the analytical work being done across government
  • connect analysts working across government, both central and local, with each other and encourage collaborative working by bringing the analytical community together
  • connect analysts within the Analysis Function and those in councils who may doing work on similar topics locally

About Analysis in Government Month 2021

You will be invited to a programme of events, talks and activities covering a range of interesting and useful content.

You’ll get the chance to connect with analysts from all different departments, grades and professions. Michelle Bowen, a member of the organising team, explains why connecting analysts together is like assembling a group of superheroes: “Analysts Assemble!”

What is the Analysis Function?


Premiering this month we feature an interview with Professor Sir Ian Diamond, Head of the Analysis Function and National Statistician. Sir Ian talks exclusively about Analysis in Government Month and why he thinks it is so important for us to connect with our analytical community.

During the month we will share more videos with you, including Jenny Dibden, Head of Government Research Service (GSR), who speaks exclusively about the importance of analysis, how to pursue a career in analysis, and about her own career journey.

Sue Bateman, Deputy Director for Data and Innovation, Digital and Data Office, Cabinet Office speaks exclusively about the importance of analysis, how to pursue a career in analysis, and about her own career journey.

Martin Clarke, the Government Actuary talks to us about analysis, life in the Government Actuary’s Department and gives insight into his career journey.

During the final week of Analysis in Government Month, David Wood, Head of Government Geography Profession, premiered on our YouTube channel, talking about his career journey and being dual-badged in the Analysis Function.

The final day of Analysis in Government Month saw our final Head of Profession premiere from Tony O’Connor, Head of Profession for the Government Operational Research Service (GORS) who gives insight into how the work of GORS is at the heart of the Analysis Function.

Challenge Analysts

A hackathon, where you form a team (across departments and professions) and work together on an analytical task, for example a data visualisation creation. We will crown the winning team!


We’ll host a suite of online events on working in the Analysis Function. This will include success stories from some of the nominees for the Analysis in Government Awards.

In parallel, the Local Area Research and Intelligence Association (LARIA), the officers’ association for researchers and analysts in local government and other local public services, is also running its Spring Seminar Series and its Local Impact Awards.

‘ Five things you didn’t know about…’

A series of blog posts giving you an insight into the types of analytical work being done across government:

  • Week one features the Analysis Function, How we ensure you can trust statistics, Geography profession, Working as a government analyst and Decarbonising the UK
  • Insight into the Geography Profession Re-establishing Ayrshire as a functional economic geography to benefit its communities
  • Week two features topics such as coding, working for the Government Economic Service, Diversity and Inclusion, data quality, modernising statistics, diversity in the Government Geography Profession and working as an Operational Delivery Professional in a statistical organisation
  • In Week three, part one we hear from colleagues across the Analysis Function who tell us about how we make data understandable, evaluation, actuaries, the data masterclass and how Administrative Data Research (ADR) UK is having an impact
  • Ed Humpherson, Office for Statistics Regulation explains how the work of the Office for Statistics Regulation supports the Government Analysis Function, The code for everyone
  • Week three, part two features blogs on the Analysis Function People Board, Fast Stream schemes, the work of the Government Operational Research Society and the role of buildings in net-zero and climate change
  • Week four features blogs on user engagement, cognitive interviewing, data science myth-busting, the work of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and behavioural science
  • Ian Coady, Geospatial Adviser for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and Deputy Head of the Government Geography Profession tells us How the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office is helping to put everyone on the map

Dates and locations

All events will take place online during May 2021.

You will have time for networking with colleagues across government with similar interests and work streams.

Who is Analysis in Government Month for?

Analysis in Government Month is open to:

  • members of the Analysis Function and local government analysts
  • aspiring analysts (both within and outside of government)
  • anyone with an interest in government analysis, for example; other civil servants, academics or analysts in non-government organisations


You can explore the full programme of events and sign up on Eventbrite.


You can keep in touch with our event updates by following @gov_analysis on Twitter.

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