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Accessibility in statistics: any questions?

Since the accessibility legislation for public sector bodies came into force in September 2020, accessibility has been a hot topic in the dissemination of government statistics and analysis.

Basecamp message board

To support people across the Government Statistical Service (GSS) and Analysis Function (AF) in an efficient way an ‘Accessibility for statistics’ board has been set up on a website called Basecamp. You can join it right now!

The message board on here can be used as a place for statisticians and analysts from across government to post questions and share knowledge.

Whenever possible the dissemination lead for the AF will aim to answer the questions on the board so that the answers are available to everyone.

More complicated requests may need to be addressed over a meeting or during an ‘Accessibility for statistics’ clinic (more information on these is coming soon).

How to use the Basecamp message board effectively

If you are working on accessibility a lot you may want to try some of these approaches to make best use of the message board.

  1. Join the team board
  2. Set your notification preferences:
    • Click on the logo with your initials at the top right-hand corner of the page and then ‘Change your notification settings’.
    • You can decide to be notified for everything or just when someone mentions you.
    • You can also choose whether you want email notifications – it can be really useful to get email notifications as pop up notifications don’t always work.
  3. Change your browser settings to automatically open this Basecamp board when you load the browser.

Instructions for how to do this if using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge:

  • Open a new webpage
  • Click the three dots on the top right-hand corner
  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘On startup’ (please note this appears on the left hand side on Edge)
  • Select ‘Open a specific set of pages’
  • Add the web address for this Basecamp team board