National Statistics Executive Group (NSEG) and sub-committees

Committees at this level are responsible for monitoring, organisational control and setting standards. They also provide assurance to the National Statistics Executive Group (NSEG).

National Statistics Executive Group (NSEG) is the senior executive committee supporting the National Statistician. It provides direction and oversight at the strategic level across the statistical system. Each sub-committee reports matters for escalation through an oral update from each Chairperson at every meeting.

The Chair of NSEG is Sir Ian Diamond.

Sub-committees that report to NSEG

Analysis and Evaluation Committee (A&E) provides strategic direction to cross-cutting analysis. It ensures relevance, coherence and inclusivity of analysis across the statistical system, and around public policy priorities and evaluation. It is informed by a programme of horizon scanning and user engagement.

The Chair of A&E committee is Mike Keoghan and the Deputy chair is Liz McKeown.

Communications Committee provides strategic direction to communication activity across the statistical system. The committee ensures an efficient, targeted, accessible, inclusive and flexible publication model that provides the information that stakeholders and the UK public need.

The chair of the Communications Committee is Pete Benton and the Deputy Chair is Owen Brace.

Data Governance Committee has ‘end to end’ oversight of data in ONS, including data flows in and out. Its extended remit covers the design and consistent application of relevant policies and standards in both data governance and statistical design.

The Chair of the Data Governance Committee is Alison Pritchard and the Deputy Chair is Fiona James.

International Committee oversees the development and application of the international strategy to position the UK as a global leader in statistics and data. It coordinates the UK’s international presence and partnerships encouraging transparency and high standards.

The Chair of the International Committee is Rob Bumpstead and the Deputy Chair is Jane Naylor.

People Committee oversees the implementation of our People Plan. The committee aims to create a great place to work and ensure organisational capacity in line with business strategy. It considers strategic people issues and their effect on the business, as well as how the business strategy affects our people.

The Chair of People Committee is Sam Beckett and the Deputy Chair is Philippa Bonay.

Portfolio and Investment Committee oversees and makes decisions about funding bids and ONS investments. They do this through the development and management of the Business Plan and Portfolio. They also challenge and inspect the work being done to achieve the aims of the Business Plan and Portfolio.

The Chair of PIC is Alison Pritchard and the Deputy Chair is Nick Bateson.

Quality Committee is tasked with achieving the aims of the Quality Strategy and ongoing oversight of statistical quality.

The Chair of the Quality Committee is Mike Keoghan and the Deputy Chair is Sarah Henry.

NSEG Rapid Response Groups

These groups exist to provide an agile response to unexpected needs. Each group continually thinks about the need to act responsively against the advantages of taking longer to consider a decision, or referring matters to the NSEG sub-committees if appropriate.

Core Group coordinates and regulates the rapid response groups. It ensures they stay agile and responsive. The group also reviews any urgent matters that are escalated to it.

Core Group is chaired by Sir Ian Diamond.

This is a fortnightly rapid response meeting of the Heads of Profession. This meeting takes place in addition to the formal quarterly meeting.

The Head of Professions call is chaired by Rachel Skentelbery.

Operations Group provides day-to-day coordination across:

  • security
  • communications
  • estates
  • people and business services
  • finance
  • commercial
  • technology

Operations Group is chaired by Sam Beckett

Outputs Group provides day-to-day coordination of analytical outputs across ONS. The group works closely with the Analysis and Evaluation Committee and the Communications Committee.

Outputs Group is co-chaired by Liz McKeown and Darren Morgan.