Government Economic Service

The Government Economic Service (GES) is the profession for economists within the Civil Service. It is a growing community with over 500 economists recruited each year through five central recruitment schemes. We currently have over 3,800 members.

The GES vision

The GES champions economics in government. We support economists and promote the use of high-quality economic analysis in policy-making. The GES is committed to becoming a community of greater diversity and inclusion, and to the core values of the Civil Service: integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality.

GES economists can be found working across all areas of the Civil Service, providing economic analysis and insight in support of the entire range of UK Government and public service activities.  Whether its supporting policy development, public service delivery, ministerial objectives, or meeting at pace the issues of the day, GES Economists can be found contributing and making a difference across government.

Over the pandemic economists have been at the centre of government decision making. GES economists have been critical to our understanding of, and response to, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic across vital areas such as health, transport, education, businesses and trade.

As well as promoting the use of economics in government the GES recruits excellent economists on behalf of departments and is one of the largest recruiters of economists in the UK. We maintain professional standards for recruitment and for existing members, providing a comprehensive professional development programme for members of the service.

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