Government Actuary’s Department

The Government Actuary’s Department’s (GAD) mission is to improve the stewardship of public sector finances. We do this by supporting effective decision-making and robust financial reporting through actuarial analysis, modelling, and advice.

We apply the actuarial profession’s technical skills, consultancy discipline, high standards of professionalism and industry sector knowledge to solve financial challenges faced by the UK public sector. We are part of the Analysis Function in government.

Our experts:

  • help public sector clients understand complex challenges around financial risk and uncertainty – such as implications of climate change, or developments in human longevity
  • use statistical techniques and mathematical skills to assess the probability of event outcomes and their financial consequences

We have over 200 people across 2 offices in London and Edinburgh. The people that work in our offices are mainly actuaries and analysts.

GAD is a shared service supplier to the government and the devolved administrations. We provide high quality service, actuarial analysis, and policy advice. We work to a professional code and standards designed to give assurance on quality and consistency.

To support our work, we have set out our refreshed mission, vision and values. The GAD 2025 Strategy sets out in detail our plan for the 5 years to 2025.

Working with analysis professionals

GAD works closely with analysis and policy professionals in Whitehall and across the UK. We supply actuarial expertise and analysis to a wide range of projects.

Our areas of work include insurance, investment, data science, modelling, quality assurance, pensions, and social security.

Our successes include several important project highlights in the financial year to March 2022.



  • developed a retirement calculator to help public sector pension scheme members understand pension benefits options
  • supported Ministry of Justice’s work on a reformed pension scheme for the judiciary providing actuarial costings and drawing on our experience of public service pensions
  • analysed the impact of pensions policy changes on individuals with certain protected characteristics as required by the public sector equality duty

Climate change


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