This is a past event. The webpage remains for information only.

Devolution Learning Week: Meet the Fiscal Councils in the UK

27th November 2023 1:00 pm to 2:15 pm

This is an extremely rare opportunity to hear from all three of the chairs of the Fiscal Councils in the UK:

  • Richard Hughes, chair of the Office for Budget Responsibility
  • Professor Graeme Roy, chair of the Scottish Fiscal Commission
  • Sir Robert Chote, chair of the Northern Ireland Fiscal Council

You will be introduced to the work of each Council, their role, and the work they do. The chairs will discuss the most important analytical challenges and issues they face, and explain how the Councils work together.

How to attend

This event is part of Devolution Learning Week. Visit the Devolution Learning Week website and follow the steps to register for this event.

About Devolution Learning Week

Devolution Learning Week is part of the cross-government Devolution Capability Programme designed to improve devolution knowledge and skills across the Civil Service. This annual event brings together senior leaders, academics, and civil servants from across the UK governments to:

  • help you understand more about devolution and intergovernmental working
  • participate in fascinating discussions through a range of engaging activities such as roundtables and seminars

You can see the whole programme of events and register to attend on the Devolution Learning Week website. Please come along to as many events as you are able to. Registration for an event will remain open until the event starts.