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Analysis in Government sharing webinar on behavioural science

20th September 2021 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
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Webinar programme

This webinar forms part of the Analysis in Government sharing webinar programme. These webinars are a chance for members of the Government Analysis Function to find out more about topics of importance for government analysts.

Webinar content

This webinar focuses on behavioural science and will be an exciting opportunity to learn about some of the important work that is underway in this area across government.  Behavioural science is an umbrella term covering a range of approaches to solving social problems involving human behaviour. Behavioural approaches range from ‘nudging’ citizens’ behaviours through discrete interventions to upstream policy development involving behaviourally-informed problem diagnosis and user centred design. Many departments and bodies across government have their own behavioural science teams tailored to their specific needs.

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