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Published: 10 February 2021

GSS user engagement case studies

These case studies provide you with examples of successful user engagement from across government. They are grouped by common themes and support our user engagement strategy for statistics. We will add more case studies as they become available. Collaborating across boundaries Engaging with the media Gathering user insight Reaching new audiences

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Published: 1 March 2013

Getting methodological advice

The Government Statistical Service (GSS) provides access to independent methodological advice with the Methodology Advisory Service (MAS). You can get advice about official statistics, data, and analysis. In most cases this advice is free. About the Methodology Advisory Service (MAS) The Methodology Advisory Service (MAS) provides producers of official statistics and statistical research with independent […]

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Published: 9 March 2018

GSS apprenticeships

The GSS offers two apprenticeships: the Level 4 Data Analyst programme and the Level 6 Data Scientist programme. Applications for the Level 4 programme will open in February 2024. Applications for the Level 6 programme will open in January 2024. Apprenticeships are a vital route into the GSS, allowing people from all backgrounds to study […]

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